Ok, most parents say they have good kids...But mine is exceptionally Good!! I kid you not!!

many remember him from yokes fresh market.

you couldn't ask for a better clean cut, honest, genuine young man

He is currently looking for new employment and ready to work hard!

Daddy is ready for an empty nest. Soooooooo help a brother out!

feel free to reach out with any leads or potential offers  to Dustin Delange


  • 1

    Honesty is the Best Policy

    This is kid is so honest and squeaky clean!! OMG! still to this day he will not watch an "R" rated movie! I'm getting really tired of watching Disney movies over and over and over....

  • 2

    A Popular Guy!

    He's quite popular in the community!! I keep telling him to stop hanging out with Superstars!....or is he the Superstar?...hmmmmmm

  • 3

    Whacky? or Fun?

    I think he's got a lil crazy cat guy in his blood..either way he has a fun personality!

  • 4


    so apparently he got his smarts from his mamma! ...yes, he is in college!

  • 5

    Apple doesn't fall far!

    he got intelligence from mom...guess what he got from me?...This picture tells all.

  • 6

    Handsome as Heck!!

    The girls will come around...just the way it is...deal with it!