Say goodbye to a celebrity we once loved and knew.

Looks like we have officially lost Shia insanity! I was a little disappointed when I heard about Shia LaBeouf losing it. He went completely crazy on security when they confronted him at a Broadway show Thursday night. According to the criminal complaint, he stoop up in the middle of the show and was yelling loudly at the actors on stage disrupting the performance. When security arrived to remove him from the theater he starting yelling the all time favorite Hollywood phrase, "Do you know who the f*** I am?!". It is also said that when they arrived at the station for processing, he spit at the police office, which luckily landed on the officer's feet. The next day after he was released from jail, he was seen fighting a bum.

Could Shia LaBeouf be on drugs? I don't know what it may be but the dude on something, this is not normal behavior. Check it out!