A Kennewick man shot ten over at Crescent Bar Golf Course in Grant County.

Actually, a Kennewick man allegedly shot A GUN 10 times over THE golf course at Crescent Bar in Grant County.

It was not a "Falling Down" situation.

It was a scenario where 31-year old Jordan Kintner of Kennewick was distraught over losing his job at a Quincy business, so about 10:45 a.m. he began allegedly discharging a semiautomatic pistol at least ten times around Crescent Bar Golf Course causing a barrage of 9-1-1 calls and a 45-minute shelter-in-place order for nearby Crescent Bar residents.

According to the post, "scores" of law enforcement officers responded to help in the eventual apprehension of the suspect, without incident, and no injuries were reported.

A score is twenty. "Scores" would imply at least 40. If truly more than 40 law enforcement officers responded to this incident, hats off to those sworn to uphold the law in Grant County.

From the Grant County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

A Kennewick man was arrested this morning after firing multiple gunshots from a semiautomatic pistol while walking along the golf course on the peninsula at Crescent Bar in Grant County.
Jordan Kintner, 31, was arrested for aiming and discharging a firearm. As many as 10 shots were fired by Kintner, who told deputies that he was upset because he had lost his job at a Quincy business.
Scores of law enforcement officers from the sheriff’s office and Quincy Police responded to the multiple 9-1-1 calls around 10:45 a.m. Kintner was arrested without incident. Nobody was hurt.
The incident prompted a mass notification from the Grant County Sheriff advising citizens to shelter inside their Crescent Bar homes. The advisory was lifted about 45 minutes later.