The Seattle Seahawks are finally doing their best to keep Marshawn Lynch happy because I think they realized how important he is to the future of the team. Over the last month I have seen a lot of things the Seahawks are doing to support this theory.

Before Percy Harvin was traded, Lynch was rumored to be very unhappy with the Seahawks. He was not getting the ball very much and the rumor was this would be Lynch's last year with the team. Lynch held out of training camp for more money and his time with the Seahawks seemed to be at an end.

Then Percy Harvin was traded and the Seahawks attitude towards Lynch completely changed. The team is now calling Lynch "the best player" on the team and is giving him the ball a lot more. In two of the three losses the Seahawks have, Lynch had 10 attempts or less. Since Harvin was traded Lynch has averaged around 20 touches a game.

Not only that but he is resting during the week instead of practicing most days, which I think is a good thing. Marshawn needs to be fresh and the Seahawks realize that and are giving him the rest so he can keep his legs fresh. When Lynch does something great on the field, I also noticed that the whole team comes up and gives him props now. Coaches and players including Pete and Russell who he was rumored to have a beef with. He is now a priority in every way.

This last week, the Seahawks played his favorite song over and over again on the loud speakers during the game to get him hyped. Normally they never repeat songs but I heard  “Ready to Ride” by Philthy Rich" at least 8 times and Lynch was loving it! Although he almost shook our punter apart in the moment trying to get Haus to dance!

I hope all of this is a setup to make a big contract extension offer this off season so Lynch can retire a Seahawk and retire happy!