Billion, yeah you heard right...Billion! When I first heard this story this weekend my brain read million, but it turns out a Florida jury awarded the widow of a chain smoker that died of lung cancer over 23 billion dollars.

The wife of the smoker sued R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for the death of her husband who died when he was 36 of lung cancer. He smoked for 20 years and after a four week trial, the jury awarded the family with over 23 billion in damages!

Honestly I think this is a little scary of a legal precedent to set because it could open up companies to huge lawsuits. If I were a company like McDonald's or Jim Beam I would be shaking in my boots right now. It has created a legal precedent for people making their own decisions to consume something, and the company that enables them is responsible for their actions. I don't love the cigarette companies, but I don't think it is right.