Miss Scarlett. In the Conservatory. With the wrench. The classic game of Clue was probably one of your fave board games as a kid (not to mention an excellent film). If your family loved game nights as much as mine (and were as competitive as mine), Clue was a weekend staple! Well, one of the famed characters, Mrs. White has been replaced with Dr. Orchid. The maid Mrs. White is gone, and in her place is a Ph.D, named Dr. Orchid.

It seems the character may have been introduced to empower girls. Also it seems she's the only ethnic character as well, as it appears she is Asian. What do you think, should they have left the classic game alone, or is it good to change things up now and then? Take the poll, then check out the different versions of the board game cover through the years, and remember Mr. Green, in the Library, with the lead pipe!