Courtesy of Fresh Out of the Box

Food Trucks aren't just a Portland thing. The Tri-Cities has had excellent food trucks for years! Sometimes, though, you want a sit-down, indoor place to enjoy your favorite foods. That's why we're SUPER stoked that Fresh out of the Box is opening a new brick and mortar location!

They will be opening up this summer (shooting for August) and the location will be at 5215 Marineland Village on Clearwater and Edison! Famous for Korean fusion delights, the restaurant will have the faves you love, plus new dishes! It will be a take-out/dine-in if you like place with family friendly atmosphere and EXCELLENT food! Don't worry, the food truck will stay open as well, so we'll have TWO ways to get kimchi tacos, bulgogi nachos, pineapple pork tacos, and all of their other incredible dishes!