There's a lot to do in wine country. Hops country, though? Not so much besides enjoy a couple pints. One business in Sisters, Oregon, has an idea to change that.

Bend, Oregon, (near Sisters) has 20 local breweries that regularly win awards. Sally Champa discovered a way to capitalize on that trend. It's called "Hop in the Spa."

Start with a pint in the lounge to loosen up, then soak in a bath of brewed hops! The plant has many medicinal properties and is great for the skin! She adds salts and "herbs and spices" to make her "brew" smell good and even better for the skin.

After the bath Champa and her employees massage clients with hop-infused essential oils! It's great for the skin for all the same reasons as the bath.

Then enjoy another round after the massage!

Now that the spa is up and running she's exploring the possibility of hop-infused coffee and a relaxing "beer garden" out back.

Visit at 371 W. Cascade Avenue and make a reservation by calling 541-633-4576.