Last night while on the air my wife calls me to tell me some amazing news. She kept trying to "prep" me for the news and it was starting to annoy me. Then she gave me the WORST thing I could possibly hear this week.

My daughter has decided she wants to be a Denver Bronco's fan.

Mind you she's three and a half years old. The entire duration of her life she's been a Seahawks fan. She has multiple jerseys. She has Marshawn Lynch on her wall.

But today, BECAUSE OF A LITTLE GIRL AT PRESCHOOL, she has now flipped sides and likes the Broncos. I'm not going to lie, at first I was pretty worked up about it. I was pretty hot. In my mind she was grounded... forever. But after thinking about it for a while, I knew I needed to be the adult, the good dad, and support her in her "new endeavor."

I let her know daddy will forever be a Seahawks fan and will never be a Bronco's fan. But if she wants to be a Broncos fan, she can be. But she's going to watch the Super Bowl with her grandmother.

There's a little girl at school that she likes that is a Broncos fan, so she's decided she's a Broncos fan. That's the only reason why. I even tested her last night. We watched the Seahawks vs. Broncos pre-season game. She kept going, "Look Daddy, it's the team I like."

If the Broncos win the Super Bowl, I will lose my mind because of this. It'd feel like my own family is turning on me. Had to be the Super Bowl week of all weeks. It couldn't have been last year? Or at start of season? Or next year? It had to be now? Five days until the Super Bowl?

I had high hopes of going to Seahawks games with my daughter. Now it looks like all those hopes are pinned on my son.