Mr. Bon Jovi, I'm speaking to you not as a fan of the Buffalo Bills, but as a fan of the NFL. I see that you're interested in moving the Bills from Buffalo, NY, where they have always been, to Toronto, Canada, where it does not fit. I know you want an NFL team, but maybe you should reconsider after hearing what I have to say.

First of all, if you look at any time in NFL history where a team has been moved, it's been bad for the team and the fans.

Look at the LA Rams, Cleveland Browns, Oilers, etc. -- it pisses off a huge portion of NFL fans.

There's something about the NFL. Maybe it's the history, records, legacy -- but in order to have those things you can't just change the landscape and change the teams.

One of my best friends is a long-time Buffalo Bills fan and season ticket holder. He's participated in team events for years.

Like all Bills fans, he's been beat up. They've never got their Super Bowl even though they've been close many times. If you take that team from them before they get their Super Bowl and there will be a war. You will make enemies for life.

Think about how many people from Buffalo the economy of Toronto relies on -- there's a huge crossover of people. That will definitely come to a halt of you move the Bills.

Secondly, do you think the Bills have a better following in Toronto than Buffalo? Case in point: Seattle's game against the Bills in Toronto last year. It was full of Seahawks fans! No one from Toronto or Buffalo attended!

Canadians love hockey, not football. If you don't know that you're stupid.

If Vancouver stole the Seahawks from Seattle I wouldn't drive up there to see them.

Personally, I think your idea is insane. If you must, buy the team, but keep them in Buffalo with the fans that know and love them. Or, wait for an expansion team for Toronto.