I think Han Solo is one of the best and most interesting characters in the Star Wars universe -- and one of the best characters in film history. I think a great idea would be a Han Solo prequel.

Why is Han Solo the way he is?

What made him such a badass?

How did he meet Chewbacca?

I know some of this has been covered in the books, but there's never been anything in film. And since Lucas and Disney decided to jettison those stories anyway, let's make a new story.

My understanding is Disney intends to release a Star Wars film EVERY year, but they will only forward the story arc every OTHER year. The odd years will be spin offs.

I think a Han Solo prequel should be the first one.

I want the story of him doing the Kessel Run in the Millennium Falcon. And how about his relationship with Landon and how they parted on bad terms?