Experts are saying 9 of the top 12 toys on Christmas wish lists this year use technology more sophisticated than NASA when they landed people on the moon. They include voice recognition software, photo editing and video recording. Most connect to apps and websites. Is technology for children getting out of hand?Dolls, watches and gadgets are filled with microchips and do things unimaginable 50 years ago. Is it too much?

My ex likes our kids to be unplugged. Friends of Apple founder Steve Jobs insist he raised his own children unplugged. My kids do 4-H and spend a lot of time outside.

But I'm all for iPads and smart phones for kids. I want them to be comfortable with technology. I think that's important in our age.

I want them to know technology. iPads, I had it right to them. All these sophisticated toys are introducing kids to new possibilities and inspiring creativity. Bring them on!

What do you think?