My daughter came home from pre-school with several "tattoos" from the show "Monster High." It's her new favorite show, she says. She wants to be a vampire when she grows up. Can she watch it? (for the first time?) Hmmm.

It looks a lot like that line of dolls "Bratz" notorious for sexualizing young girls. I was concerned about the messages in the program. I was thinking the show was for older girls.

So we bought it but I told my daughter she could only watch it when mom and dad says it's OK -- because of my concerns.

But aside from being a little bite gossipy, the girls depicted in it (called "ghouls") weren't any worse than Strawberry Shortcake or "Hotel Transylvania."

For example, there's a zombie character, but he's more of a sock puppet than a monster.

So I guess it's OK, but what do other parents think?