Let's begin with the fact that Portland has a mobile marijuana cart.

It's called "The Smoke Buddy." It was a little trailer shack the size of a snow cone shack. Click the link to see photos.

OK, so a couple people decided to rob the mobile marijuana cart.

A man and a woman approached the man and the woman who operated the cart. The man locked himself in the shack, the woman locked herself in their car.

Because it's basically a closet with wheels, The Smoke Buddy provided minimal protection and the man was forced to come out and fight to defend his business.

So the male attacker, who had a knife, ran over to the vehicle, grabbed marijuana out of the trunk and got in his own vehicle and escaped, leaving the woman behind.

So that woman jumped on the male owner's back and they wrestled until he threw her off, so she grabbed a stick and attacked him.

The owner grabbed his own stick and fought her off!

No one was injured. The woman was arrested and authorities are searching for the man.