My daughter and I celebrated May the Fourth watching The Clone Wars -- it's still some of the most well-made material in the Star Wars universe.

Disney, having newly-acquired the Star Wars rights, organized events on May the Fourth to embrace the fans and their (now official) Star Wars day.

I would normally be giddy about news like that, if Disney had not released some negative news last week.

You may haven't heard, but most Star Wars nerds are freaking out right now because Disney is saying anything that wasn't in episodes 1-6, "The Clone Wars" or "Rebels" is no longer canon in the Star Wars narrative..

That means anything that happened in the books or comic books is no longer official, but is either disregarded or just "Star Wars Legend."

The writers of episode 7 are finding the expanded universe too convoluted with too many loop holes and it's too restrictive.

This bodes badly for almost all Star Wars fans.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are some cool things they can do now with the story line, like with Boba Fett. Also, Harrison Ford always wanted to kill off Han Solo and now that will likely happen. I think he probably made it a stipulation to replay the role.

There's the fact that no one will know what's going to happen -- there will be uncertainty when fans to go the theater.

I expect Leia and Han still have twins with the same names, but maybe the story arc is different. Mark my words, Luke still falls in love with Mara Jade.

As long as they stay true to what happens in those stories, they can change some of the details with no consequences.

Look at the way J.J. Abrams redid Star Trek. It's still about Kirk and Scotty and Spock, but they changed it around and made it fresh.