When Mariah Carey chatted with Hot 97's Angie Martinez yesterday (Nov. 12), it felt more like two girlfriends who were having a bunch of mommy talk rather than an interview about her new album. While the two gushed about their kids, pregnancy pains and the singer's mini-fan, she revealed a surprise on her upcoming LP.

"I like to work in my home studio, which is one... not even a sliver the size of this studio," she said, referring to the Hot 97 space. "I'm talking about the corner. So I sit there, sing... and see dem babies -- Roc and Roe [Moroccan and Monroe]. Actually they appear on this album. They make an appearance."

While she didn't reveal the title of the track her kids -- or "dem babies" as she lovingly refers to them as -- will be featured on, we're sure that it'll make our hearts melt once we hear it.

The veteran songstress also talked about her time on 'American Idol,' which she likened to working "in hell with Satan," as well as her decision to release the new material -- the song 'The Art of Letting Go' -- to her fan base via Facebook. Jermaine Dupri, who was in the room for the interview, revealed that the song went to 10 million people and had about 800,000 engagements since it was released through the social networking site.

"Why did we want to release it on Facebook first? Because of the stats," Carey responded to the naysayers who thought it was a bad idea to put it on the social media network. "We love everybody, but we don't get those stats just from the regular 'Let's put a record and see."

And if you're wondering what she'll do when the LP actually drops, she promises something bigger. Considering Mariah's lavish taste and diva ways, there's no denying that the new music, which she promises will be "classic Mariah," will premiere in an outlandish way.

Check out the rest of her interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez above.