It was the Olympic scandal for the ages. Straight out of a tabloid dream, the rivalry between figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan is still embeded in our minds. And now a film biopic called "I Tanya" is getting ready to take the ice. With a script by Steve Rogers, actress Margot Robbie is now attached to the film to play Tonya herself! While Robbie looks similar to Harding, she's a bit on the pretty side. No offense to Tonya, but well, sorry, Margot Robbie is supermodel hot, and Tonya... not so much. But Robbie is excited about the film, and the next step is getting a director on board, and the money to make to happen.

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Personally, I think Amy Adams would have been a better fit for Tonya, but Robbie has stated she's fully behind the project, and now that she's cast, we're wondering who will play Nancy! My vote is for Anne Hathaway. She's be perfect! If they need a casting director, they should just call me... But if they can't get Anne, who do you think should be Nancy?