Jason Williams, 37, and his girlfriend Martha Mejia, 34, of Moses Lake spent Sunday night, Jan. 17, at Neppel's Dockside Pub. They got in a confrontation and decided to leave. They went to Jack in the Box restaurant drive through at 1:30 a.m. on the 18th and then decided to back up their 2001 GMC Yukon to leave. That's when a string of events began that left a man dead.

Unbeknownst to Mejia (who was behind the wheel), a 2010 Ford Fusion had pulled in behind them in the drive through. She almost hit the Fusion and a yelling match ensued. 22-year-old Christian Guerra was in the car and was apparently in the confrontation at the pub earlier.

Mejia got out of the Yukon and started yelling at the people in the Fusion. According to witnesses, she tried to hit Guerra and yelled at Williams to get out of the vehicle and help her. Guerra and Williams began yelling at each other outside their vehicles. Guerra then returned to the Fusion and Williams followed him and hit him. Guerra then got out and a fight ensued.

Williams went back to the Yukon, grabbed a handgun and shot Guerra and the Fusion at least six times.

Mejia and Williams fled and were later caught by police, and according to testimony, he was so drunk he doesn't remember the shooting.

Williams was in court in Ephrata Tuesday and pled not guilty to first degree murder, first degree attempted murder and first degree assault. Mejia pled not guilty to a DUI and rendering criminal assistance. Trial is scheduled for June.

[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]