Do you know how to change your oil?

Most people have a mechanic change the oil in their cars, but some do it themselves even though they know nothing about cars. I know the video above is a comedy sketch, but sometimes it is not far off from the truth! Men can be just as bad about car knowledge as women, just listen to my story.

My Dad had a friend that asked him a question about changing his oil. He wanted to know if you drained the old oil out or if you just put more in. He explained to his friend how you unscrew the bolt on the bottom of your oil pan and drain the oil, then put the bolt back in and fill it up after you change the oil filter. His friend seemed to understand and kept saying 'Oh yeah, I got it'.

A few days later by Dad got a call from his friend who was stuck on the side of the road because his car had broke down. He drove down to help him out and when he got there, he realized the engine had seized up and was blown. My Dad started quizzing him about how he changed his oil and had him walk through the steps with my Dad.

  • Drained the oil... check
  • Put the plug back in and changed the oil filter... check
  • Then he showed my Dad where he put the oil in... the radiator!

If you are reading this story and have no idea what is wrong, NEVER EVER work on your own car no matter what! Just hire a mechanic, that is all you need to know!