Lil Wayne says by just being himself, critics and fans already think he's insane, which is why he headed to a mental institution to film the video for 'Krazy.' The rapper offers a sneak peek of the visual for the song, which is set to appear on his forthcoming album, 'Tha Carter V.'

Director Colin Tilley used a 1975 Hollywood classic as a reference for the visuals. "We talked about putting Wayne in a psych ward," he says. "I definitely took some inspiration from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' as far as like the look and feel for it. It's more like the psychological trip that Lil Wayne is going through in this place."

In the clip, you can see Weezy fighting off hospital workers while dressed in a straitjacket. He raps in an electric chair and does his best to portray a person whose reached levels of insanity.

The Young Money chief plays the role of the most disturbed person within the mental institution. "[I'm] trying to be the cool guy that hits the crazier side of the crazy house, but it kind of turned out that I was actually the craziest," he explains.

Get "krazy" with Lil Tunechi above.