I'm pretty sad that Macklemore skipped the Tri-Cities. He went from Yakima directly to Walla Walla today for a sold out show TODAY at Main Street Studios. While it's cool that he's hitting these smaller venues, the dude should have come to Tri-Cities! The Yakima event was a total success, and I'm sure Walla Walla is going to be just as great. If you haven't seen Mack and Ryan Lewis live, you're missing out. The next time he has a show remotely in the area, you should get in on that.

In the meantime, I think we should head over to Walla Walla and just stalk the man. See if we can get some sightings and selfies. I know, that's totally creepy, but maybe next time he'll know better than to skip the Tri-Cities. We love you too, Mack!! If I get close enough to the man, I'll post photos (if I don't get arrested).