The top question on AskReddit right now is, quote, "Teens of Reddit, what's cool nowadays?" Let's get something straight: "teens" wouldn't know cool if it bit them in the ass. The only kids in high school who appear to have a clue about what's cool are hanging out with college kids, mark my words.

The search for cool can be narrowed down to a very specific, niche group: college juniors.

First, sorry for being snooty, but "coolness" often incubates on or near campuses.

Second, why be so specific? Because college freshman are clueless and seniors are focusing on how to become an adult. "Coolness" ripens at the junior level.

Those "cool kids" from high school? You're either idolizing people for reasons unrelated to genuine coolness or they're hanging out with the college kids and THAT's where they're getting it. I guarantee that high school kids are not inventing, defining or customizing coolness. Sorry for sounding like an old man, but high schools are just echo chambers.