Leonardo DiCaprio's love for A Tribe Called Quest has been well-documented. In fact, the lauded actor and Q-Tip are good friends and even planned to release a Native Tongues-inspired TV series together. If you've ever wondered how much of a ATCQ fan Leo really is, just watch this 19-second clip of him rapping to the group's hit 'Scenario.'

Last week (Sept. 18), the 'Wolf of Wall Street' star attended a birthday party for club promoter Richie Akiva. During the celebration, Jamie Foxx handed him the microphone and showcased his rapping skills. Leo, dressed in a black T-shirt and black baseball cap, rapped along to Phife's verse on 'Scenario,' off the group's classic 1991 LP, 'The Low End Theory.'

Although he missed a couple of lines, Leo spit most of the words accurately and even had the 5 Foot Assassin's sing-songy cadence down.

As for that TV show they're working on, the drama project will reportedly feature the backstories of artists and their friendships, drawing from Q-Tip’s experiences with A Tribe Called Quest and with The Native Tongues collective.