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Peter Macdiarmid

If you're into trendy "homeopathic" treatments, here's a big reason to exercise caution:

According to Doctor Andrew Weil, homeopathic medicine may have absolutely no active molecules in the finished product and therefore can have no real effect, making any healing attributable to placebo effect. Weil even says that some scientists believe any therapeutic healing is unattainable through homeopathic medicine.

Results are conflicting (and little evidence) to show actual benefits of homeopathic medicine, especially since it doesn’t make sense for a product with little to no active ingredients to have any effect on a person. This also makes it extremely hard to test since there is barely anything in the body to gain results from.

One of the main laws of homeopathy is the law of infinitesimal doses which states that drugs that are diluted in either water or alcohol are higher in therapeutic potency. These water molecules apparently keep the information from the homeopathic remedy that has been diluted into it. This law has not been proven in any way. According to Science Based Medicine, homeopathy runs against science of today especially since the structure of a water molecule is extremely short lived and could not sustain extremely diluted active ingredients throughout the process of working through the body to heal it.

There is no license needed to practice homeopathy in the United States and there are only some credentials. Each state has their own rules involving practicing homeopathy.On top of that there is not much regulation or consistency since something that cures one person could be totally different for someone else with the same needs. The FDA does regulate homeopathic drugs and issues warnings when needed.