A Kennewick teacher lived through a travel nightmare because of a simple travel mistake and was almost stuck in Belize. Reports say that Krista Williams, who is a teacher for Kennewick School District, bought her airline tickets for her trip with her debit card instead of a credit card. She had bought a round trip ticket but when she left, she took a different credit card and her passport with her.

She traveled around Belize for a week but when she returned to take her flight home, the airlines wanted to see her debit card she bought the tickets with. When she couldn't provide that, they would not let her board the plane and "blew her off". After hours, they told her she needed to buy another ticket which was twice the cost of her original ticket, around $600.

She bought the ticket but when she showed up to catch the flight, it was canceled because the pilot couldn't fly and the airline promised again to fly everyone out the next day. When she showed up the third day, it turns out the airline had not put her on the plane because she was a special case. She eventually got a ticket to Atlanta and went through customs, but when she got to Atlanta and tried to arrange her flight home they said "How did you get here"? It turns out she had passed customs with someone's boarding pass that lives in Florida and according to them, she was still in Belize.

She finally made it home days later and an airline spokesperson said they'd make it up to her with a "goodwill gesture." I for one hope it is a BIG gesture because this story is ridiculous!