KPD Patrol officers responded to Trios Medical Center ER on Monday, 07 August 2017 approximately 2100 hours after Mr. Ahrens was admitted for treatment for a puncture wound to his upper back. Upon contact, Mr. Ahrens reported upon arriving at his residence earlier that evening, he was confronted inside the home by a woman he knows as Tamara Cooke, 59 years of age. Ms. Cooke has stayed at his residence previously as she is the widow of a friend of Mr. Ahrens. However, he has not seen her in approximately 3 months. She was inside the residence last night and confronted him after hitting him in the back. It was not until after she left that he realized he had the puncture wound, as Ms. Cooke was armed with an ice pick style instrument when she assaulted him. Mr. Ahrens' injury is not life threatening.

press release

They were unsuccessful in locating Ms. Cooke after the report was made. Anyone with information on Ms. Cooke's location is encouraged to contact KPD or Crime Stoppers at 586-TIPS (8477), 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or visit