A pair of Kennewick neighbors got into a fight at their apartment complex over loud music causing a gun to go off Monday morning according to news reports.  The neighbor of 35 year old Cody Supak confronted him early Monday about loud music coming from his apartment that woke nearby neighbors up. Supak became angry and assaulted the neighbor with causing a gun to fall out of the neighbors pants to the ground. Supak then picked up the neighbors gun and pointed it at him but they kept arguing. The Supak hit the neighbor on the head with the gun causing it to fire into the air.

Supak then dropped the gun and retreated into his apartment and refused to come out. The neighbor picked up his gun and called police. They tried to get Supak to come out but had to serve a search warrant, break down the door and arrest him. He faces charges of second-degree assault and felon in possession of or discharging a gun.