Normally we don't play local music on our station but when I first heard this song, I thought, this is a potential hit!First time I heard 'Price Tag', Mia Laney herself shared her song/video on my Facebook page. Now understand that as a Dj for a radio station, we always receive music from local artists and sometimes we don't get the chance to listen to everything that is sent to us. But I thought I'd give this song a listen since it was right on my Facebook page(normally we get CD's from people), by the time the song was over I ended up looking for a download link. Aj later heard the song himself and we both agreed that this song could become a legitimate hit! We had Mia come join us for the morning show and talk a little bit about her music and what she's working on these days, she's a star in the making. In case you missed it, here's her song 'Price Tag'. Check it out!