There was a recent break up between JLo and her 27 year old boyfriend Casper Smart. I don't think I'm the only who thinks JLo, in this case, played the role of a 'Sugga Momma', here's why.'Sugga Momma': when a richer woman lavishes a younger man with gifts in turn of company and sexual favors.

I personally think JLo fits this category.

  1. Older (check)
  2. Lavishes Casper with gifts in turn of company/sexual favors (check)
I really doubt Casper was lavishing JLo with gifts, it's obvious that JLo is the bread winner in the house. Since the divorce with Marc Anthony, I think what JLo needed was a little fun, and that's what she went for. Her relationship with Smart was never going to be a 'let's get married' relationship. This was a 'let's have fun' relationship. If JLo was looking to settle, she would find someone on Marc Anthony's level or hers. So in exchange of Casper's company, JLo obviously spent the money on vacation and buying him toys landing her the title of a 'Sugga Momma'.