In college, like many students, I was broke. Scratch that. I was SUPER broke -- sleeping on couches broke. So I started ignoring my student loan payments.

Long story short, they finally contacted me (I don't know how long I was delinquent) to say I had defaulted on my loans twice, and the penalty would DOUBLE my student loan from $25,000 to just under $50,000.

I tried to fight it, but soon learned there was nothing I could do. When the governmnet has you by the balls, they've got you by the balls.

That means I've been paying $450 a month for 20 years and I ONLY JUST paid off the penalty -- now I'm paying on the loan.

I have a feeling this is happening all over.

Yes, I was stupid for missing my payment, but is it fair to make a college student pay DOUBLE their loan?

Maybe I'll have it paid off before I die.