Ahh, Craigslist. The place where you can find pretty much EVERYTHING you need, and a lot of things you had no idea someone would ever need. I came across this ad and I had to stop and read it several times because I couldn't believe it was a thing:

"Clear your criminal history and restore your firearm rights (DIY). (Washington State)"

Wait, what? Help clear criminal history, and get a firearm? is this legit? Let's open the ad and read it...

"If you have a criminal conviction bogging you down, visit www.expungewa.com for in-depth information about how to vacate your conviction and restore your firearm rights. The website explains the law and process in an easy to understand manner. There are also instructions on how to go about doing this yourself, or you can hire a lawyer to do it for you for a reasonable flat fee.

Huh!? So, I can commit a crime, then let some time pass, and get my record cleared and get my gun rights back! Alright! I didn't think this was really a thing, but apparently it is!

Meet the man who will help you out! He looks like a stand-up guy. I'm mostly sure he isn't under the thumb of the mafia... Here's the discription of him from the site. "Vitaliy Kertchen is an attorney with extensive experience in criminal defense and conviction relief matters. He has an unmatched understanding of Washington State and federal laws pertaining to clearing criminal records and restoring firearm rights. His office is in Western Washington, but he serves clients across Washington State."

Criminal defense and conviction relief matters. I swear, he sounds like the real life "Better Call Saul." But hey, thanks Vitaliy, you're the best! Also on the site, there's a handy test you can take on the site to see if your crime qualifies. I fake took the test and the good news is there are some crimes that cannot be cleared (whew). But you do you think any felony should be able to be cleared so that a convicted criminal can re-gain to right to own a firearm? Or should they have forfeited that right forever? Take the poll.