It was recently announced that Iggy Azalea's fall tour (once already postponed) had been canceled. Before Iggy made a statement of why she canceled, there was lots of speculation as to why. She told E News:

"I've had a different creative change of heart," she says. "I want to start totally anew, and if I stayed on my tour, that would mean I wouldn't even be able to start working on that until after Christmas."

And with no end in sight, Iggy decided that it was time to take a little bit of a rest. "On top of that, mentally, to be honest with you, I just feel I deserve a break," she explains. "I've been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day. I'm not in a bad place. I think sometimes when you say you need a mental break, people are like, 'A mental break? Be sure you don't have a breakdown because you're sad.' No, not necessarily." -E News

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But I don't think that's the end of the story. Iggy also just got engaged to her man, Nick Young. It doesn't take a genius to see that the timing of her tour, the timing of the engagement... maybe she's pregnant! She probably thought ahead to how bad it would be canceling the tour right before it was going to start, so it was better to cancel now. And it seems like Nick Young is doing the right thing and marrying his girl!

Now, in a few months when she's not showing and I look like an idiot, then I'll take it all back. But for now, it's kinda making sense isn't it?