On Nov. 10 Online magazine "AmplifyingGlass.com" published an article saying Disney was planning an animated movie based on the book, "The Princes and the Treasure" about two princes who start off on a journey to rescue a princess and fall in love with each other. The article contained direct quotes from Disney officials. Is it for real?

Fact-checking site SNOPES.COM says NO.

The article says "Amplifying Glass" is mostly a satire magazine like "The Onion."

Apparently somewhere on amplifyingglass.com is the following statement:

If you are looking for real breaking news stories, you have arrived at the wrong location. Nearly everything that we produce is designed to make you laugh and/or poke fun at the ridiculous nature of life in America. You would do well not to take anything that we say here too seriously."

The Independent, a UK-based newspaper, pointed out the movie "logo" shared by Amplifying Glass is actually the logo of a tuna brand.