One tag, or piece of vandalism is called a graffito.

KPD Graffiti 5-26-17-1

But it's rarely, if ever, just one tag. Graffiti. Hate it.

KPD Graffiti 5-26-17-4

The gang plan was to tag their "turf" on a Thursday morning and laugh as there's no way the markings would be covered before the long holiday weekend. That may be true, but they won't be around to brag about the tags.

KPD Graffiti 5-26-17-2

.An alert citizen noticed 4 suspects tagging the sound barrier at Yelm and Highway 395 and called the Kennewick Police. Kennewick and Pasco police departments quickly coordinated to make an arrest of a juvenile as he was coming off the Blue Bridge into Pasco. The other suspects were located and detained as was a car allegedly used to shuttle the spray painters. Two adults and two juveniles were arrested

KPD Graffiti 5-26-17-3

The Tri-Cities does an amazing job staying on top of covering up gang tagging activity. I'm counting the days until these latest eyesores are eradicated.