Some of these laws are absolutely crazy! We all know how much people in America love to drink. I can't believe some states would even have such laws. Reading through some of these makes me extremely proud of Washington for not being so ridiculous

  • In Ohio, it's illegal to get a fish drunk
  • In Tennessee, you cannot buy any sort of mixer at the same location where liquor is sold.
  • In Iowa, it is illegal to "run a tab"
  • Alaska, it's illegal to give a moose any sort of alcoholic beverage
  • There is no such thing as happy hour in Massachusetts
  • In Colorado, you can't ride a horse while intoxicated
  • In Texas, chugging has limitations. You can only take three sips of beer while standing
  • In Pennsylvania, you can buy wine from a vending machine
  • In Oklahoma, any beer that's over 4 percent alcohol(any beer worth drinking), has to be sold at room temperature
  • No such thing as discounts on alcohol in North Dakota


Michael Bradley