Paul Allen LOVES the Northwest. And in case you didn't know, he LOVES music! Paul has teamed up with some great minds to bring Seattle a new music and arts festival called Upstream! Not only is it for music and the arts, but will also feature gaming, and tech. I know, you're thinking, "Another music fest in the Northwest? Do we really need that?" The answer is YES!

This festival will work on featuring 75% local artists and focus on new and upcoming artists. And with the gaming, tech, and arts of all kinds in the mix, it's going to be amazing! Well, at least we hope! The Upstream Festival is scheduled for May 11-13 in Pioneer Square, throughout Centrylink Plaza and other venues.

Their site is still a work in progress, but to keep up with what's going on with the fest and to snag tickets when they go on sale (pre-sale this fall) check this out!