Here's an idea for a weekend drinking game. We all know the usual drinking games such as 'kings cup', 'questions', 'I've never', 'beer pong', 'dealer', so on and so forth. Let's be real, I'm not the best at any of them. I usually lose at any drinking game I attempt to play which leads to my restless, troubled weekends at times(hehe). Regardless, I'm always up for a good drinking game and I'm really liking this one. Take a look at 'Beer Pong Battle Ship'. I'll have to try this game SOON. I may even get a little daring and mix it up, like pour beer in a few cups, vodka, tequila, water in some and see how the night goes. Random liquors mixed with beer always turns out to be a great night anyway right?...Probably not but I'll try it anyways.