There are a couple of places to get good BBQ in Tri-Cities, but in my opinion there's no real, REAL slow-cooked barbeque -- outside of The Rail Expresso & BBQ. I eat at this place all the time. They're so legit they close when the meat's gone. No joke. So get there soon.They're at 2521 W. Kennewick Ave. Call them at (509) 586-9805. They're open starting at 7 a.m. (you know, because it's also a coffee shop).

Even though I buy food there almost weekly, they dropped by some lunch yesterday just to show some love. So I'm showing some love back. People, you've got to try this place.

It's inside an old coffee shop. You wouldn't even know they had BBQ if it didn't say it on the sign.

They've got brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, home-made sausage, home-made baked beans, mac & cheese and more. If they'd just offer cornbread I'd be in heaven.

The meat runs out about 5-6 in the afternoon, so it's mostly a lunch spot, but they have a lunch special for $5 that is jaw dropping.

Anyone who's a fan of BBQ should be visiting this place at least once a week.