We've survived another dull gray winter, and now it's time to celebrate spring. Even if you're not in school or don't have kids who are, Spring Break is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the fun things we couldn't do all winter. So, here are some ideas of how to make your Spring Break ROCK for any age!



DUH! Get the kids, the pets, the significant other and hit the trails

Carousel of Dreams

Not just for kids. It's a fun way to enjoy some good wholesome fun!


Still a bit cold, but it's gorgeous this time of year! Get your boat out, or do what I do and freeload on a friend's boat.


Pack a lunch and go sit outside. Frisbee, catch, tag, and all those fun games are perfect this time of year! If you're daring, bust out a Slip n Slide!

Wine Tasting

Now this one is for the 21 and over, but now's the PERFECT time to get out to all the wonderful wineries in the area and taste their spring offerings!


Another one for the 21 plus crowd, but so many bars in the area are having great events, drink specials and parties going on nightly. If you want to get your drink on there are PLENTY of places to check out!

Rollerskating and Bowling

Maybe you don't feel like being outside just yet. Get your family or friend group and hit the lanes or strap on some skates. Believe me, it's just as fun as you remember

Spring Cleaning

I know this doesn't sound fun, but it really can be! Get rid of that old stuff you're not using, or pack it away for later because you won't need those coats for a while. Redecorate your house, and to get kids involved, maybe let them pick out new paint for their room, or a cool new storage container/shelf that's just for their own stuff!

The Reach

Wander through the exhibits and learn while you're having fun!


This one goes without saying. But have a family or friend gathering and make a rule that NO ONE can touch their phones for an hour or two. A fun way to unplug for a while and actually spend time with humans FACE-TO-FACE! (I know, crazy right!) ;)