Just Joel's is a very popular restaurant, not only for their incredible breakfast plates, mouth watering burgers and decadent pies but because Joel is damn funny! This isn't the first time we have shared Joel and his reader board shenanigans and as much fun as it is, I hope it won't be his last. About a year ago, Joel used his board to poke fun at a guy who left a bad review on Yelp. The board read "COME TRY THE WORST MEAL ONE GUY ON YELP EVER HAD IN HIS LIFE." Naturally he shared it on social media, where it then went viral.

We are excited to report Joel is at it again! This time a guy left a one star review on his page and wrote "OWNER IS A FRAUD. FOOD IS BLAND. PLACE SEEMS SKETCHY.IT COULD BE A "FRONT" BUSINESS. THERE ARE MANY BETTER PLACES TO EAT IN THE TRI-CITIES. ~STAN"

Insert..... READER BOARD! Joel can be seen standing proudly in front of his board with the message blatant and bold firing back at "Stan," and it reads "NOT A FRONT BUSINESS, LOVE YOU STAN!" I absolutely love how this man has always stood up for his employees and his business. Joel is also a very generous man and can be found all year long doing and giving to our community. You go Joel! Your community stands behind you and loves you! Keep up the hard work and humor! Oh, and I need some pie!

Photo credit: Joel Watson


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