Statistically, it's easier to get into Harvard than the White Castle Craver's Hall of Fame. Hermiston resident Gene Snyder received an all-expenses-paid trip to White Castle's headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, for the distinction.

Snyder says he was thin as a child, so whenever his parents could they'd drive an hour from their Chicago home to the nearest White Castle burger joint and let him eat his fill.

After moving to Seattle, Snyder made a goal of visiting White Castle stands whenever he travelled. As he got older, and could afford it, he began taking hundreds of White Castle's little sliders home with him in his luggage. It would smell up the whole cabin each time he flew.

Now that many grocery stores carry White Castle sliders in their freezer sections he no longer carries them in his luggage, but continues to eat as many of them as he can (fresh or frozen) going on 70 years.

When White Castle put out a call for stories from fans on the back of one of the frozen-food boxes, Snyder wrote in telling of his dedication to the brand.

They rewarded him with a trip and induction into their hall of fame.