Lol, oh my goodness, this is priceless! I found this video and it reminded me of a similar situation that happened to me a few years back.

When I was working at my previous job, we were heading to a location in Kennewick for a street stop. On our way, my co-worker rear ended a car who quickly slammed on the breaks, which ended up involving four other cars in front of us. As people drove by, it was only obvious that the accident would draw the attention of people. We definitely caught most of the attention though. We were in our radio station vehicle, and our station had a wolf mascot. He was known by all the listeners as 'Howler'. As everybody drove by, they kept looking and pointing at us, my co-worker at the time was suited up in this big wolf outfit. The lady who we rear ended looked in disbelief when she realized she just got rear ended by two young girls, and a big bad wolf! I'll never forget it!

This video, however, is a little bit funnier.