City of Pendleton officials has been under the microscope since building a seemingly 'Road To Nowhere' in 2009.

It was built to facilitate increased traffic to an "Eastern Oregon Regional Airport Industrial Park" that never got built. Residents pay 4 cents a gallon at the pump to pay for it... and that only covers 20 percent of the cost. Federal taxpayers (you and me) covered the rest!

Businesses that use the airport would love to expand into the planned industrial park but they can't because there isn't sufficient water!

So last September the City announced it was adding $300,000 in sewer upgrades. Also last year it was announced a $45 million colocation data center is under development (think Cloud).

So city planners could be redeemed if current plans go through and the park gets built and the road gets used... but for now it's just a really nice stretch of pavement to go cycling on.

Andrew Kirk