Spring Break is on the horizon! And though we'd probably all love to be on a white sand beach somewhere, not all of us can afford it! So I came up with some pretty fun ideas for some different 'stay-cation' ideas in the Tri-Cities areas. Sure, you may not be learning to surf or having a cabana boy (or gal) bring you fuzzy drinks while chilling by the pool, but there is plenty to do around these parts that will make your Spring Break awesome!

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    Get a Room!

    Book a room at Clover Island Inn or any of the cool hotels in town. Stay inside and enjoy the view, or get out and walk around the paths. Get dinner at Cedars, hang in the Crow's Nest bar. Great little get away, bring the kids, or get a babysitter. Sometimes a little change of scenery (and coming back to your room with the bed all made by someone else) is just what the doctor ordered!

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    Party Like It's 1988!

    When's the last time you went bowling? Rollerskating? We've got great places for old-school style family fun that you may not have done in a while, or EVER with your fam! Show your kids how cool and fun you used to be! Well, fun anyway! ;)

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    Have a whole week (or at least three days), where your whole family stays OFFLINE! I know, crazy concept right? Spend time listening to the radio, playing board games, cooking together, TALKING to each other, reading, and/or getting outside! After the initial withdrawl period, you'll be surprised how relaxed you'll feel and how much fun everyone in the family will have with each other! Even the kids!

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    Round Robin

    Everyone in the family gets a day. Then you do whatever activity that family member likes most that day! Video games? Hiking? Netflix? Crafts? Whatever it is, the WHOLE family needs to do that thing for that day, and everyone gets a turn. It's a great way to spend time together AND for your family to get to know each others' interests (and each other) better.

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