Google is planning to build 100 small diverless cars and release them to the public sometime next year. This somewhat scares me. It's a two seat prototype car which only goes about 25 miles per hour. These cars will not have steering wheels or gas and brake pedals. You will tell the car where you want to go, and the car will basically drive itself there. It runs on electricity, and can go about 100 lies before having to be charged. Now, am I the only one who sees the danger in this?

  • I do NOT like idea of the car not having a steering wheel, gas pedal, or breaks. This means you have absolutely NO control on what happens to the vehicle. We hear about technology malfunction ALL the time. What happens if, god forbid, there's a technology malfunction?! How will you stop the car or redirect it away form danger?
  • No break pedal? At least give me an E-brake!
  • Only 25miles per hour?! I better not see anybody trying to drive one of these on the highway!
  • I'm assuming you'd have to update the GPS installed in the car almost every month. If it's not updated constantly, your car can drive you to the most random place without you being able to correct it. I've had my GPS direct me before the completely wrong place. Sounds a little sketch.

Maybe they're not as dangerous as I just made the them seem, BUT, the possibilities are there. This may be a bad idea until technology is advanced enough to where we can really trust a driverless car. Or just install a steering wheel, brake pedal, and gas pedal to have as an option in case there were to be a malfunction. I would feel much safer!

Justin Sullivan