It's that time of year to celebrate graduating high school seniors. If you're college bound, allow me to pass on some very, very valuable advice:

The hardest part about college is learning that you HAVE to study. You HAVE to know the information going into class. In high school they tell you to read a book, then you go to class the next day and you talk about the book, so you if you're smart, you don't really have to read it.

But in college they'll assign a book then talk about a concept in the book that you have to have read to understand. You must prepare for class. What you do for homework is different from what you do in class.

Also difficult: learning to make your own choices. Picture a beautiful spring day and you don't want to go to class, and no one is going to make you. Then you end up with a D and you have to pay to retake the class. Do that once and learn your lesson.

Here's what people said on Reddit about the hardest part of college:

  • Group projects. If you're a slacker, you now have to work harder than you want to or you mess with someone else's grade. If you're an achiever, you have to stress about whether the slackers are going to pull their weight.
  • 8 a.m. classes. No problem in high school, murder in college.
  • Learning how to learn. By the time you're in college you realize not everyone learns every subject the same way. Also, learning study skills.
  • Teacher Assistants (TAs) from other countries. They teach a lot of the class -- or at least answer a lot of the questions -- and don't speak good English and have never taught before.
  • Settling on a major. It's common for people to switch three times.
  • Eating properly. You're able to study much better with good nutrition. DON'T EAT THE RAMEN.
  • Making friends if your class load is really hard.
  • Applying for jobs while wrapping up your last year -- you've got finals to study for and projects to finish and maybe you're still working part time to pay rent and now you need to job hunt.
  • Dealing with roommates/housemates.
  • Paying for college.
  • Reading 30 articles by professors to write a 12 page research paper. No more Wikipedia!
  • Time management. Freedom can be a curse.
  • Breaking up with your high school boy/girl friend.
  • Managing the alcohol.
  • It being over. Leaving your friends, joining the real world, moving to a new city where you don't know anyone.