Let's face it, most of us can't even dream of landing a lady like Ciara or Kim Kardashian. But that doesn't matter anymore, because Future and Kanye West are giving us the chance to bag our own virtual trophy wife in their new 'I Won' flash video game.

Inspired by the pair's 'Honest' collaboration, the object of the game is to toss chains onto bikini-clad women to zap them into actual trophies -- all from the sleazy comfort of a beach chair, of course. The more girls you transform, the more points you get, and there's even style points to help you climb the leaderboard. It's basically the rap version of Quoits.

This isn't the first time Future Hendrix has transformed one of his songs into a video game. Earlier this year, he accompanied his street smash 'Move That Dope' with a 'Paperboy'-style game which allowed you to -- you guessed it -- move that dope. If you ever need an excuse to procrastinate, you know who to turn to.

Play the 'I Won' game above or head on over to IWonTheGame.com.