Most parks have to cater to all ages of kids and adults but a new toddler-friendly/focused park is now open to children under age 4 in Richland.

According to the Richland Parks and Recreation Division, Barth Park has been transformed into a toddler friendly- wonderland! Barth Park is located at 301 Barth Ave.

The park has been undergoing upgrades since 2016 with low to the ground play structures and soft surfaces to play on to minimize accidents and now it's made a full transition to a super cool toddler park.

You can even check out the race track for big wheels!

The play surface has been sprayed with a soft material that is squishy and safe to play on.

The park is also completely fenced in, another bonus for parents of toddlers.

You can check out more details on Barth Park here 

Take a quick video tour of the park thanks to Tri-Cities Family Fun Facebook page.