Congratulations! You won $1.5 billion from Powerball! Wait, not so fast. You know Uncle Sam needs his cut. So, how much will you walk away with if you win? It varies per state. After the original cuts taken from receiving the lump sum, you'll have 930 million. However, further cuts will still be taken and they are different from state to state. Lucky for Washington, we're among the BEST states to win. After "the man" takes his cut you'd be left with about $562 million! Oregon is not only one of the worst, it's THE worst!

If an Oregon resident wins the biggest Powerball jackpot EVER, they'll only end up with about $470 million. Now, in the grand scheme of things, winning $470 million is still very very VERY good, but it just goes to show how each state taxes its residents. Washington residents can be thankful that we can keep a bigger portion of what we make. Sorry Oregon but hey, it could be worse! You could live in a state that doesn't have Powerball at all! Sorry Hawaii and other states, guess you'll have to earn your billions the hard way!