AJ has the measles. Wrong trail, lose 4 days. You have died of dysentery! These are familiar words if you played the Oregon Trail game on computer when you were in school. Or hey, even played it now online! But have you had the chance to actually play it in REAL LIFE? There's a fun run coming to Portland based on the Oregon Trail game.

Based on the classic 1980’s computer game, The Oregon Trail® Game 5K takes runners on a cross-country adventure from Missouri to Oregon, over mountains and across rivers, and to their final destination – Oregon City! Runners will have to make decisions along the course such as whether to ford a river, go hunting, and more. Can you make it to Oregon or will you die of dysentery? Each decision you make along the trail will determine your ultimate fate. Runners receive a timed score as well as a game score."

How fun! Though no one will really get cholera, and you won't have any real-life oxen to take care of, there will be plenty of Oregon Trail surprises and fun! The race is July 25th in Portland, click here to get all the details! Get ready to caulk your wagon!